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  • Distributing the Membership Card of Health Equity Fund and the Entry Card of Factory to an estimated 340 Worker-Transporting Drivers in the Tai Seng Special Economic Zone in Svay Rieng Province

    Svay Rieng — On 28 April 2018, on behalf of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, H.E. Cheav Bunrith, Director of Policy Division and the NSSF spokesman, presided to distribute the membership card of Health Equity Fund and the entry card of Tai Seng Special Economic Zone to approximately 340 worker-transporting drivers.

    This event was prepared with the purpose of distributing the entry card of Special Economic Zone in a bid to transport workers and particularly the membership card of Health Equity Fund to worker-transporting drivers in order to have entitlement to access medical care services free of charge in the public health facilities nationwide.

    He said that the traffic accident is currently a major burden of the Royal Government leading to casualty, disability, numerous losses of state and private property, in particular workers when commuting by other means. He certified that to contribute to lighten this burden, NSSF has offered the training course on Road Traffic Safety to disseminate to workers and worker-transporting drivers as follows:

    • Training course for focal-point trainer: 10 times equal to 731 participants.
    • Training course for first-aid agent; 03 times equal to 132 participants.
    • Dissemination meeting: 1090 times equal to 183,691 participants.
    • Driving training course and wheel practical for taking the driving examination: 150 times equal to 9,184 participants.
    • Driving examination: 40 times equal to 3,123 participants, 2,060
    • Distributing the driving licences to worker-transporting drivers: 23 times equal to 2,060 participants.
    • Installing slogan banners in the factory: 140 factories equal to 146 slogan banners.
    • Distributing 2,547 membership cards of Health Equity Fund and 1,895 entry cards.

    He also expressed the great pleasure to the owners of Tai Seng Special Economic Zone and of A and J (Cambodia) Co., Ltd for collaborating with NSSF so far to give the location for holding the event and allowing workers and worker-transporting drivers to participate.

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