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    Phnom Penh—On 05 July 2018, H.E. Hun Many, Lawmaker of Kampong Speu province, accompanied by H.E. Cheav Bunrith, Director of Policy Division and Spokesperson of the National Social Security Fund of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, and the team paid a visit to 22 workers suffered from traffic accident were hospitalizing at Preah Kossamak hospital, Phnom Penh.

    H.E. Hun Many paid a visit to and told the workers who were getting medical care services not to worry about the cost because the National Social Security Fund of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training would take responsibility for this expense. Furthermore, he wished all victims recover soon in order to return to work as usual.

    Meanwhile, H.E. Cheav Bunrith told relatives of all victims not to concern about the medical service cost of victims because they suffered from work injury; so, NSSF would be responsible for medical care services until recovery. He added that victims would receive other benefits provided by NSSF as follows:

    1. Transportation cost for victim
    2. Cost for emergency
    3. Daily allowance for in-patient
    4. Daily allowance for caretaker of victim
    5. Daily allowance/pension for patient or victim with permanent disability

    If the NSSF member encounters accident leading to disability, NSSF will provide not only artificial limbs, walking stick, wheelchair…etc., but also vocational training such as hairdresser, beautician, phone repairer, electrician…etc.

    This traffic accident occurred on 05 July 2018 because worker-transporting driver overtook the front car in the parallel direction carelessly; when arriving at the accidental scene, the driver could not have controlled himself and veered out of the road causing the truck to overturn. In this accident, there are 17 serious injuries and 34 mild injuries; of these serious injuries, there are 22 victims were sent to get emergency services in Preah Kossamak hospital.

    After the general practitioner had taken high responsiveness and the NSSF agent of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training had facilitated, until now there are some victim get better.