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    Kampong Speu—On Friday of 10 August 2018, H.E. Ouk Samvithyea, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director of the National Social Security Fund, distributed the driving licence to worker-transporting drivers at SABRINA (CAMBODIA) GARMENT MANUFACTURING CORP Co., Ltd. He said that 68 worker-transporting drivers receiving the driving licence at this time is the fruitful achievement among others of the National Social Security Fund of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training by collaborating with General Department of Transport of Ministry of Public Works and Transport for offering the driving training course in order to take the driving test including driving lesson and wheel practical in line with the traffic law.

    He added that even though all worker-transporting drivers are aware of the traffic law and have the driving licence, they have to obey the traffic law absolutely, particularly obey the code of conduct by driving correctly and carefully at any time because the lives of all workers depend on the driver while they are commuting from workplace to housing and vice versa.

    So far, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, said that Today, Tomorrow No Traffic Accidents.

    The traffic accident happening due to breach of traffic law not only leads the beloved to death or permanent disability but also impacts on the household and national economies.

    According to the report of Road Traffic Safety Team for Worker Prevention (RTSTWP), by July 2018, there are 183 workers suffered from traffic accidents while commuting because of the breach of traffic law.

    Associated with this problem, Road Traffic Safety Team for Worker Prevention (RTSTWP) certified that from 2013 to July 2018, the team offered the driving training course and the driving test to the total of 10,472 worker-transporting drivers equal to 223 times in which 45 times with 3,485 candidates took the driving test (2,412 passed) and 23 times for distributing the driving licence (2,060 worker-transporting drivers received the driving licence).

    From January to July 2018, the dissemination on Traffic Law for worker-transporting drivers has 148 times equal to 29,562 participants.

    There are 73 times of the driving training course equal to 2,935 candidates and 05 times of the driving test equal to 365 candidates (352 passed).

    In 2018, there are 4,369 worker-transporting vehicles—1,480 vans equal to 34% and 2,889 trucks equal to 66% that 3,855 worker-transporting drivers hold the driving licence equal to 88% and 514 do not have the driving licence equal to 12%.

    Based on this report, it certifies that currently, there are 18% of worker-transporting drivers do not have the driving licence and 85% of other drivers have the driving licence inappropriate with the category of vehicle required to attend the driving training course additionally in a bid to raise more awareness of traffic law for excising the traffic law obviously and correctly.

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