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    Kampong Cham—On 28 August 2018, the National Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training convened the dissemination meeting on implementation policy of social security schemes to employers, owners of enterprises/establishments amounted to 233 participants to be held in provincial hall.

    This discrimination meeting was presided over by H.E. Han Kosal, deputy governor and representative of H.E. Governor of Kampong Cham provincial governor board and H.E. Meng Hong, deputy director of NSSF and representative of H.E. Ouk Samvithyea, delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director of NSSF.

    Meanwhile, H.E. Meng Hong focused mainly on the NSSF’s progress, challenges, solutions, and action plan of NSSF’s implementation on the two schemes:

    1. Occupational Risk scheme which is related to any accidents happen to workers working or during the working hours or accidents happening to the workers during the direct commute from the residence to workplace and home are also considered to be employment injury as long as the trip was not interrupted nor detour made for a personal or non-work-related reason and occupational disease.
    2. Health Care Scheme refers to social health insurance including benefit provision, health prevention, medical care services, provision of daily allowance for the abstention from work due to sickness or other accidents in the exemption of work injury and maternity leave that workers are eligible to enjoy health service free of charge at health facilities and hospitals signed agreement with NSSF nationwide at any time.
    3. Pension scheme will be implemented sooner.

    It is certified that this discrimination was participated by officials of provincial departments/ institutions under the Kampong Cham Administration, NSSF branch officials and staffs, health facilities signed the agreement with NSSF, employers/owners of enterprises/ establishments or representatives of victims who receiving the permanent disability benefit and survivor’s benefit (dependent).