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    Phnom Penh—From 01 to 24 September 2018, there are 4,387 female workers delivered 4,413 babies (twin: 26 female workers) equal to 1,765,200,000 riels.

    This distribution is after the Royal Government declared in public to provide additional allowance distributed by the National Social Security Fund of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training to the formal and informal postnatal workers (one child = 400,000 riels, twin = 800,000 riels, triplet = 1,200,000 riels).

    This special gift is to respond to the livelihood of workers lacking money during delivery, a policy to promote the social protection, promotion of the Cambodian population growth, and contribution to relieve the hardship of workers.

    The new policy of this additional allowance provision was exercised by 01 January 2018 and supported completely by workers—particularly pregnant workers receive it from the Royal Government.

    According to the NSSF report of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, from 01 January to 31 August 2018 there are 38,997 postnatal workers with 39,292 babies (triplet: 04 female workers and twin: 288 female workers) equal to 15,716,800,000 riels.

    To additional allowance from the Royal Government and other benefits from NSSF with punctuality and effectiveness, both postnatal formal and informal workers have to comply with the following instruction:

    1. The worker who has pregnancy from 26 weeks or more shall come to complete the formalities at the NSSF office in capital/provinces in a qualifying period of not later than 03 (three) months before delivery.
    2. The persons concerned shall attach foetal echo letter with the date of delivery, membership card of National Social Security Fund or Health Equity Fund, NSSF Khmer identity card and personal phone number.
    3. In case the person concerned has not complete the formalities at the NSSF office within the period above, the person concerned or representative shall inform NSSF promptly not later than 01 (one) month following the date of delivery.
    4. The persons concerned or their relatives shall inform NSSF via hotline: 1286 when the person concerned received medical care services in the health facilities without the NSSF agents on standby.