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    Phnom Penh—On Friday morning of 16 November 2018, the National Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training collaborated with Ministry of Cult and Religion to prepare the event to distribute membership cards and disseminate the policy implementation of social security schemes to civil servants and contract staff of Ministry of Cult and Religion to be held in the office of ministry.

    This event was presided over by H.E. Norak Rothanakvathanor, Secretary of State and Representative of H.E. Heom Chhem, Senior Minister of Minister of Cult and Religion, and H.E. Ouk Samvithyea, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director of the National Social Security Fund, as well as taken part by leaders, officials, and representatives of institutions and organizations of the ministry amounted to 120 participants.

    H.E. Ouk Samvithyea said that this event aims to distribute the membership card to civil servants and contract staff of the Ministry of Cult and Religion in order to access medical services in the health facilities singed the agreement with NSSF and disseminate the policy implementation of social security schemes for civil servants and workers.

    He added that since 2008 NSSF has extended its coverage nationwide including 1,473 civil servants and contract staff—223 civil servants and 1,250 contract staff.

    He also certified that in pursuance of inter-ministerial Prakas No. 291 LV/PrK, dated 25 July 2016, on Agreement on Health Service Consumption and Provision for Health Care between National Social Security Fund and Health Facility, NSSF has signed the agreement with 1,335 health facilities(from health center to national hospital)—1,292 public health facilities and 43 private health facilities. So far, NSSF has provided occupational risk benefits to 214,370 of 1,487,491workers who are working in 13,688 enterprises/establishments.

    Partly, for Health Care Scheme, NSSF has provided 1,852,046 cases/times among 1,592,557 workers who are working in 8,508 enterprises/establishments.

    Furthermore, NSSF has also registered 23,183 enterprises/establishments with 137,845 workers in the informal economy in order to access medical services through Health Equity Fund and distributed additional allowance of the Royal Government to both formal and informal postnatal women amounted to 54,569 women with 54,976 babies equal to 21,990,400,000 riels by 15 November 2018.

    It highlights that the Head of Royal Government under the outstanding leadership of wisdom of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padie Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, always pays high attention to the welfare and livelihood of all public employees. NSSF will continue strengthening and extending the implementation of social security schemes on Occupational Risk and Health Care for all workers and public employees as well as strive to launch pension scheme for workers and occupational risk scheme for public employees in 2019.

    H.E. Norak Rothanakvathanor said that social security schemes on Occupational Risk for Public Employees and on Health Care for Public Employees, Former Civil Servants, and Veterans are the good policy in a bid to respond to promote welfare and living standards of public employees, former civil servants, and veterans.

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    • Enterprises: 21,430
    • Total Members: 3,120,208
    • Total Females: 1,798,510
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