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    Phnom Penh—H.E. Ouk Samvithyea, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director of the National Social Security Fund, had collaborated with some ministries to distribute the NSSF membership card to their civil servants and contract officials; partly, in today morning, NSSF collaborated with Ministry of Industry and Handicraft to hand out 1068 cards to its civil servants and contract officials for accessing health care services in the health facilities signed the agreement with NSSF.

    He said that he certified that since 2008 till now NSSF has extend its coverage nationwide by registering 1,359 civil servants and contract officials—223 civil servants and 1,136 contract officials.

    He added that through the proudly successful implementation of social security schemes for private sectors, so far the Royal Government trusts and authorizes NSSF as a unique operator with a view to administrate and manage social security schemes on Occupational Risk for Public Employees and on Health Care for Public Employees, Former Civil Servants, and Veterans as stipulated in Royal Kret No. NS/RKT/0217/078, dated 01 February 2017.

    In early 2018, social security scheme on Health Care for Public Employees, Former Civil Servants, and Veterans has been launched by providing the following benefits:

    • Medical care service
    • Patient or victim referral service for emergency
    • Corpse transportation
    • Health prevention service.

    He added that until now NSSF has registered public employees, former civil servants, and veterans amounted to 314,076 (204,084 public employees, 55,222 former civil servants, and 54,770 veterans) who have accessed medical care services amounted to 22,001 cases/times.

    NSSF will continue strengthening and extending the implementation of social security schemes on Occupational Risk and Health Care for all workers and public employees as well as strive to launch pension scheme for workers and occupational risk scheme for public employees in 2019.

    It highlights that the Head of Royal Government under the outstanding leadership of wisdom of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padie Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, always pays high attention to the welfare and livelihood of all public employees.

    He mentioned the above-mentioned in the event of distributing 1,068 membership cards to leaders, civil servants, and contract officials of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft to be held on Monday morning of 17 December 2018 in the office of ministry and presided over by H.E. Keom Touch, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft as well as taken part by leaders and officials who represented their institutions and organizations amounted to approximately 100 participant.