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    Phnom Penh—The 6th discussion meeting on the Draft Sub-Decree concerning “Social Security Scheme on Pension for Persons Defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law including Personnel Serving in the Air and Maritime Transportation as well as Domestic Workers” were joined by representatives of the Royal Government, employers, and trade unions amounted to approximately 100 participants and presided over by H.E. Ouk Samvithyea, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director of the National Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.

    This draft sub-decree on Social Security Scheme on Pension consists of 10 chapters with 41 articles and 04 main parts. Part I states General Provisions including Chapter I with 04 articles (from article 1 to article 4) that enumerate purpose, objective, scope, and definition. Part II states Implementation Provisions including 07 chapters (from Chapter II to Chapter VIII) with 33 main articles (from article 5 to article 37)—Chapter II on Competent Institution, Chapter III on Formalities and Procedures of the Registration for Compulsory Pension Scheme, Chapter IV on Contribution Rate and Formalities and Procedures of Contribution Payment of Compulsory Pension Scheme, Chapter V on Conditions and Formalities and Procedures of Benefit Claim and Provision of Compulsory Pension Scheme, Chapter VI on  Voluntary Pension Scheme, Chapter VII on Co-Regulations, and Chapter VIII on Penalties. Part III states Transitional Provisions including Chapter IX with 3 articles (from article 38 to article 40). Part IV states Final Provisions including Chapter X with 1 article (article 41).

    The main goal of this meeting aims to collect more key inputs in a bid to determine the broad, comprehensive conditions before submitted it to the National Social Protection Council and the Royal Government for check and decision.

    It’s certified that this meeting was held in the Grand Hall of the NSSF of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in the Wednesday morning of 12 February 2020.