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    Phnom Penh—On 12 March 2020, H.E. Dr. Sum Sophorn, Deputy Director of the National Social Security Fund certified in the Coordination Committee Meeting of Social Protection: Innovations for Informal Sector that This is the second coordination committee meeting of social protection focusing mainly on readjustment of three main procedures: 1) identification 2) registration and 3)  contribution collection for the targeted population who is worker of informal sector by applying to Tuk-Tuk driver and domestic worker at first and reaching construction worker in the next step. With the first meeting, we studied the feasibility of launching this project; and this time is the second step to readjust three main procedures in a bid to ensure social solidarity and equity and promote welfare and livelihood of the citizen.

    In relation to the readjustment of three main procedures above, he added that in order to ensure social consistency and avoid financial risk for all citizens, NSSF has cooperated with ministries, institutions, and organizations involved as well as civil societies and representatives of workers with a view to studying the feasibility of launching social protection for worker of informal sector who is the targeted population, including Tuk-Tuk driver and domestic worker, and reach construction worker in the next step.

    He strongly hope that this meeting will help provide the coordination committee the significant inputs, new experience, and challenge solution as keys and tools to attain this SPIN project.

    It’s certified that the meeting above was held in the Grand Hall of the NSSF Headquarter with the presence of representatives of the National Social Protection Council, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran, and Youth Rehabilitation, Ministry of Women Affairs, Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association, Association of Domestic Workers, International Labour Organization, Technical Team of SPIN Project, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), and stakeholders amounted to 50 participants.

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