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    Phnom Penh—On Monday morning, 31 August 2020, H.E. Dr. Ith Samheng, Minister of Labour and Vocational Training and President of the Governing Body of National Social Security Fund (NSSF), presided over the first Governing Body Meeting as planned after the NSSF Governing Body compositions was declared for the first mandate on 06 August 2020.

    Agenda of this first meeting of Governing Body is as follows:

    1. Review the draft sub-decree on Organization and Functioning of the National Social Security Fund and Internal Regulations of the National Social Security Fund;
    2. Draft decision on Formalities and Procedures of the NSSF Governing Body meeting;
    3. Others.

    It’s certificated that NSSF was established at first by Sub-Decree No. 16 SD/Prk, dated 02 May 2007, concerning the Establishment of the National Social Security Fund. NSSF was led by the Governing Body with 9 compositions. Currently the institution was transformed itself into បេឡាជាតិសន្តិសុខសង្គម (ប.ស.ស.) by Royal Kret No. SN/RKT/0520/582, dated 30 May 2020, led by the Governing Body with 11 compositions in line with the New Law on Social Security Schemes promulgated by Royal Kram No. SN/RKM/1119/018, dated 02 November 2019. This new law covers 4​schemes as follows:

    • Pension Scheme
    • Health Care Scheme
    • Occupational Risk Scheme
    • Unemployment Scheme

    This new law covers the defined persons such as Person under Public Sector, Persons Defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law including Personnel Serving in Air and Maritime Transportation as well as Domestic Workers and the Self-Employed.

    It’s certified that the above-mentioned meeting was held at the Governing Body Meeting Room of the NSSF Headquarter, Phnom Penh, with the presence of 11 members of Governing Body.