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    Phnom PenhH.E. Heng Sophannarith, Head of Policy Division of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, presided over to open workshop on “Promoting Road Traffic Safety to Workers in Cambodia” on Tuesday morning of 28 July 2020. He said that so far NSSF had been cooperating with ministries, institutions, and relevant stakeholders so as to prepare dissemination program on Road Traffic Law, Travel Safety, and Worker-Transporting Safety to Worker-Transporting Driver and Workers, urge the drivers to take vehicle technical inspection, and encourage them to use passenger vehicle to transport workers in the cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to offer the driving training course and license exam, facilitate for vehicle technical inspection, and collaborate with General Commissariat of National Police in a bid to promote road traffic safety to workers in every aspect.

    His Excellency added that nowadays traffic accident was not only a major concern but also a hidden murderer leading to death, injury, and disability every day that workers were victimised. The traffic accident left a horrible impacting on welfare, household economy, and national economy as a whole. With this serious challenge, it could not enable ministries, institutions, or any organizations to hinder or eliminate. It was our challenges.

    According to the report on Road Traffic Safety Team for Worker Prevention (RTSTWP), it shows that, in the first semester in 2020, there were 8 cases of worker-transporting vehicle with 223 victims—02 deaths, 32 serious injuries, and 189 mild injuries, 2 cases of trishaw with 2 victims, 3 cases of bicycle with 3 victims, and 18 cases of pedestrian with 18 victims.

    His Excellency continued that, on behalf of leaders of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training as well as the National Social Security Fund, he highly appreciated and evaluated the cooperation of Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP) for contributing to better the commuting safety of workers and reduce the road traffic safety at the lowest level in compliance with the recommendation of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen “Today and Tomorrow No Traffic Accident”. He strongly believed that today workshop was really important to strengthen relations and urge the cooperation as well as increase the activities together forever.

    Mr. Kim Panha, Director of Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP), said that AIP had been collaborating with NSSF since 2017 so as to promote road traffic safety to the workers.

    He also highly appreciated the contribution of NSSF over the past 3 years with the aims of saving people’s life from the road traffic accident, especially raising more precise awareness of workers about travel safety in order to reduce road traffic safety at the lowest level.

    It’s certified that the above-mentioned workshop was held at Sunway Hotel, Pnhom Penh, and organized by Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP), with the participation of leaders of relevant ministries, institutions, and stakeholders amounted to approximately 50 participants.

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