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  • Resolving the Remaining Challenges Is the Key Which the NSSF Directors of Departments and Heads of the NSSF Branches Must Continue Addressing in a Timely Manner

    Phnom Penh — Speaking on the occasion of presiding over a meeting on “Achievements and Other Challenges in February”, H.E. OUK Samvithyea, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of NSSF, stated that resolving the challenges is the key which the NSSF Directors of Department and Heads of the NSSF Branches must together continue addressing with gentleness and firmness in a timely manner in order to implement works more effectively and fruitfully.

    His Excellency Director General of NSSF stressed that this achievement was made possible under the wise leadership and wisdom of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, who has put out consecutive measures on the Policy of COVID-19 Vaccination with the precise guidance of the 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts, which is the most important strategy to build the community immunity against COVID-19 in order to protect the people’s health and life until being able to fully control the spread of this pandemic and rebuild the nation.

    His Excellency Director General of NSSF also encouraged the NSSF directors, deputy directors, officials, and staff of both headquarter and branches to continue expediting the resolution of remaining challenges that hinder the work implementation, especially in facilitating the NSSF members, who receive services at the health facilities signed the agreement with NSSF and apply for various allowances, in a timely and effectively manner.

    This hybrid meeting was held on 16 March 2022 at the Grand Meeting Room of the NSSF Headquarter with the presence of approximately 100 NSSF Directors of Department and Heads of the NSSF Branches.

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