The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has responsibility for providing the basic social security to the worker in private sectors. NSSF has registered the members, collected the contribution, managed the NSSF finance, implemented and provided the benefits to the workers or beneficiaries.

      What is social insurance?

  • legitimate compulsory
  • comprehensive protection
  • provide the long-term social security to the workers and their dependent.


Vision of NSSF is to become the leading organization which provides the social security services.


Mission of NSSF is to serve the workers with employment injury scheme, which registered punctually with a view to mitigating the social burdens and promoting the social stability.


  • Draw up and manage the social security schemes referring to the Provisions of the Law which established the Social Security Schemes for Persons Defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law.
  • Ensure and provide the benefits to the NSSF members (insured person) in the aim of providing the safe income to the members in case of the person concerned contain the contingency such as: old age, invalidity, fatality, work injury, and miscellaneous accidents.
  • Facilitate and organize the regulation of social and health services for all workers.
  • Cooperate with the relevant organizations in relation to:
    • Dissemination on the preventive strategy for work injury
    • And dissemination on the actions of health and workplace safety.
  • Cooperate with the relevant organizations with a view to studying and investigating the occupational diseases.
  • Manage the investment of social security finance.

Commitment and Will

  • Provide the basic social security to persons working under the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Make economical on the expenditure for the national development.
  • Promote the public awareness on the benefits of social security.
  • Foster the collective responsibility.

Core Value

  • Probity
  • Transparency
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency