Technical Council for Social Security Schemes (TCSSS) Defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law, which was established as inter-ministries by Sub-decree No. 34 SD.E, dated 24 February 2011, comprising Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Council of Minister. TCSSS takes responsibility for:

– Studying the development of management technics and social security schemes in line with the stability of economy and social affair by collaborating with the Governing Body of NSSF

– advising the miscellaneous procedures for implementing the Law on Social Security Schemes for Persons Defined by the Provisions of the Labour Law

– Studying and advising the occupational diseases in relation of physical work, toxic substance, and abnormal condition work/region causing the workers to have the miscellaneous diseases

– Studying and advising the implementation and development of NSSF

– And advising other technics when necessary.