Teamwork for prevention of worker’s faintness and work injury of NSSF (TPWFWI) was founded as inter-department teamwork by Decision No.002/15 LV/D, dated 13 January 2015, consisting of Department of Occupational Safety and Health, National Social Security Fund, and Department of Inspection. The teamwork has a duty to:

– Study and investigate the cause of workers’ faintness

– Take the emergency measures and prevent the workers’ faintness at workplace

– Facilitate and collaborate with health facilities or poly clinics with a view to creating the medical treatment formula of workers’ faintness and prescribing the treatment cost

– Facilitate and collaborate with the relevant institutions and authorities with a view to safely sending the victim for emergency rescue in the health facility or poly clinics

– Consult and submit the request to take measures on employment injury prevention to the Executive Director of NSSF. The NSSF Executive Director have to report H.E. Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training to check and decide, and request the recommendation for implementing, organizing, and disseminating the program on Employment Injury Prevention

– And implement other duties in compliance with the orders of NSSF Executive Director.