Road traffic safety team for worker prevention (RTST) was founded as inter-ministry team by Decision No.002 LV/D, dated 25 January 2013, comprising Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Work and Transportations, International Handicap, Garment Manufacturing Association in Cambodia, and Trade Unions. This team has a duty to:

– Build the action plans to hinder the traffic accident occurring on the workers’ commuting

– Study, collect date, and analyze the major causes leading to the traffic accident of workers’ commuting

– Survey by means of the worker transportation, worker-transporting driver, and enterprises/establishments nationwide

– Draw up the measures to disseminate the Law and Traffic Safety for driver and worker

– Collaborate with local authorities and relevant authorities including the marine traffic authority with a view to investigating the means of worker transportation from the first departure place

– And facilitate the workers suffering from the traffic accident and other implementations under the orders of Minister of Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.